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The Traders Execution Journal

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Turn trading into a second source of income in 2024.

The Traders Execution Journal is a ebook for traders looking to systemise their trading accounts, improve their technical analysis and profit from trading in 2024.

This guide is equipped with everything you need to increase your profits, manage risk and track your results, with no prior experience needed.

The Execution Journal Will Help You Profit - within 30 days of Completion.

Why choose the Traders Execution Journal?

With the Trader Execution Journal. We've cut out countless hours of research needed to become successful to provide you with a toolkit to set up profitable trades for yourself and grow your trading account systematically.

Save yourself years of trial and error and receive step-by-step walkthroughs of all the proven trading strategies to generate profits (Applicable the day you learn them).

Never rely on others for a trade: Eliminate FOMO by Learning proven methods to set up trades for yourself and formulate the correct entries and exits without ever having to rely on anyone else.

Effortless Implementation: Ready-to-use trading strategies that are constructed in a way that once you learn them you can put them to work in the markets immediately.

In-Depth Guide To Technical Analysis: The Traders Execution Journal will not only provide you with the strategies needed to profit from trading but also in-depth insights into technical analysis for a better understanding of price action.

Protect your money: Instantly actionable risk management strategies designed not just to save you time but also to protect your hard-earned cash.

Want to know if the Execution Journal is right for you?

See if you can relate to any of these questions ⬇️

Are you...

Tired of the countless hours of research trying to learn how to trade profitably?

Sick of spending money on expensive £150 courses that promise you riches overnight but barely deliver?

Tired of trying to piece together a trading strategy only to be left at a loss when a trade doesn’t go your way?

Good at following instructions, but find it challenging to maintain discipline and consistency?

Know you can profit from trading, but you’re always doubting your entries and exits?

Frustrated with not seeing the profits you want but know that quitting will only make it worse?

Sick of looking at other traders making huge profits on social media and being left baffled by how they’re doing it?

Struggling to set up a winning strategy you can follow with confidence to make money from the markets?

Sick of family and friends calling you stupid for wanting to learn to trade?

➡️ If you’ve been saying yes to any of these questions, the Traders Execution Journal is exactly what you're looking for.

What's Inside the Traders Execution Journal ebook:

Learn how to trade profitably with no prior experience needed.

Candlestick breakdowns: Learn the exact methods to read candlesticks and profit from candlestick patterns.

Market Structure Mastery: Learn how to identify and draw trends. Identify market structure to align your trades with the market.

Supply & Demand Snipers: How to correctly identify/trade supply & demand with the supply & demand profit sniping strategy.

Support & Resistance: Learn how to identify key areas of support and resistance, as well as profitably trade them.

Chart Patterns: Learn how to identify chart patterns, incorporate them into your trading plan and never miss a profitable move.

Break and Retests: Learn the profitable ways to confirm breakouts and profit from a continuation in trend.

Risk Management: Learn the importance of position sizing, win rate, and risk/reward. Correctly implement a range of stop losses to protect your capital and maximise your gains.

Intraday Trading Concepts: Discover the most actionable methods to trade with momentum, determine a daily trading bias and effectively trim profit.

MultiTimeframe Analysis: Learn how to correctly trade supply and demand using a systematic approach and multi-timeframe analysis.

Top-Down Analysis: Learn how to formulate your own entries through the use of top-down analysis and know exactly where to enter & exit trades.

Trading strategies to accompany each concept to ensure you can profit in any market condition.

But that's not all!

I want to ensure that this is the most valuable trading guide on the market to ensure you get the results you're after.

This means when you purchase The Traders Execution Journal you'll get 6x bonuses completely FREE of charge. Bonus #2 is my favourite and I can't believe I'm giving it away for free.

FREE BONUS #1: Lifetime access to our Premium Executors Discord Community chat (Value £60 per month):

Gain Access to the Financial Hideout Executors chat so you can grow alongside other members of the community. (Lifetime Access)

Plus weekly check-ins in the chat by myself so I can continue to guide you even after purchase.

FREE BONUS #2: Access to a cutting-edge trading journal - Traders Companion (Value £57):

Gain access to The Traders Companion a cutting-edge trading journal you can use to automate the way you track your trades and improve your trading edge.

Check out this quick walkthrough to learn more:

FREE BONUS #3: Lifetime worth of updates (Value: Priceless):

Stay up to date with every update I make to the guide to ensure you have the best knowledge out there. No need to ever purchase again, once you purchase every new iteration/bonus is yours to keep. (Last update I added 90+ Pages)

FREE BONUS #4: Access to over 30+ Case studies:

To help you better understand why the strategies in the journal work and exactly how they look in the live markets.

FREE BONUS #5: Access to Cheatsheets, Worksheets and Strategy Criteria Sheet:

To ensure you have everything you need to implement the profitable strategies and guides within the Traders Execution Journal.

FREE BONUS #6: Money Back Guarantee (Value: Priceless):

This also comes with a money-back guarantee if you don't make 1 profitable trade, but please see the details so you're fully aware of what is required before purchase.

P.S. In Case You’ve Skipped Ahead

The Traders Execution Journal is a unique trading guide that will introduce you to the proven strategies you can use to turn trading into a second source of income in 2024.

While also providing you with the methods to formulate your own entry & exits, track your profits and join a supportive community of like-minded individuals without the countless hours of research and expensive courses.

🚨 Here’s the catch…

To ensure I can onboard everyone smoothly we only have 399 spots available at this price, so if you're interested in getting your first big win... ACT FAST this is likely to sell out.

Click the 'Buy This' button to get the Traders Execution Journal.

Still not convinced this is right for you? Check out some of the Financial Hideout community wins:


-> Do you have this available in pdf or digitally?

Yes. You'll get a link to the PDFs upon purchase sent to your inbox.

-> Do I get free access to new updates?

Yes, you do as well as any new bonuses we add. (Last update we added over 90 pages)

-> Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. Just send me an email within 30 days once the conditions are met and I’ll send you a refund.

-> Will the price go up once it is sold out?

Yes once sold out, the price will never be this cheap again, and we won’t be launching again for another couple of months to ensure the 399 who purchase are happy with the product.

Where's my purchase!?

After you complete your purchase you will get access to a page where you will see your digital products, if they're not there please make a Gumroad account of check the inbox of the email you used to purchase.

Disclaimer: Nothing within this toolkit is financial advice, and is purely for education purposes. Please Consult a financial advisor before placing any trades.

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30 day money back guaranteed.

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for choosing our Complete Traders Bundle. We are committed to your success, and to ensure you get the most out of our strategies, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

To qualify for the refund:

Time Frame: The 30-day period begins from the date of your purchase.
Practice Requirement: You must complete a minimum of 300 practice trades in a demo account within the 30 days.

Profitability Condition: If, after 300 practice trades, you haven't achieved a profitable trade, you qualify for a refund.

Commitment to Your Success: This requirement is in place to demonstrate our commitment to your success. We believe in the effectiveness of our strategies and want to ensure you have a genuine opportunity to apply them.

Refund Process:

Evidence Submission: To initiate a refund, you must provide evidence of the completed trades using the strategies outlined in the toolkit. This evidence can be in the form of a spreadsheet or a record of your trades on a demo account platform like TradingView.

Analysis: We will carefully review your trade history to identify any challenges or areas where improvements can be made. This step is crucial in helping us understand your journey and provide constructive feedback.

Refund Determination: Based on our analysis, if you meet the criteria and haven't achieved a profitable trade, we will process your refund promptly.

We are dedicated to your success and genuinely want to see you thrive in your trading journey. This guarantee is a testament to our confidence in the effectiveness of the strategies outlined in our toolkit.

Best Regards,

Financial Hideout Team

Last updated Jan 12, 2024

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The Traders Execution Journal

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